minotti patio outdoor sofa in situ

Five Modern Patio Ideas to Create an Outdoor Oasis


There’s no better way to warm up in the winter than by envisioning the easy days of outdoor living and entertaining—and this year, due to longer than usual lead times for high-end furnishings, early planning is a must.

This winter is the time to invest in modern outdoor furnishings that will naturally extend the style and comfort of your interior to the great outdoors. Below are Studio Como’s top five recommendations for 2022.

minotti patio outdoor sofa in situ

1. Minotti Patio Collection

The famed Italian furniture makers at Minotti present their Patio Collection—designed by Italian-Danish studio GamFratesi—as an expression of material study and geometry. They describe Patio as “a dynamic mosaic, composed of tesserae in simple geometric shapes,” with each piece inflecting a unique combination of aluminum, wood (iroko, teak, or mahogany), Basaltina stone, and woven cord. Offering a sofa, daybed, chaise lounge, armchair, bench, coffee table, and ottoman, Minotti Patio is truly a collection—one that can be scaled for outdoor spaces of all sizes and enjoyed for a lifetime.

flexform atlante outdoor sectional sofa and pico outdoor tables in situ

2. Flexform Atlante Outdoor Sofa & Alison Outdoor Armchair

Flexform is known across the globe as a leader in Italian design, producing furniture as durable as it is attractive—two prerequisites for any piece of contemporary outdoor furniture. Their Atlante Outdoor Sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, is named for the Grecian god Atlas who bears the world on his shoulders, and like its namesake, this is a sofa that’s made to hold up. In the Atlante, a stainless-steel base sits above cast aluminum feet that are gracefully articulated to belie the heft and structure they provide, while plush cushions provide a luxurious seat.

Flexform’s Alison Outdoor Armchair, designed by Carlo Colombo, is a similar study of opposites. Just like its interior counterpart, Alison Outdoor Armchair has a strong curvilinear design made with durable, performance-minded materials that are nonetheless amazingly lightweight. Easy to move means easy to catch every moment of a sunset’s changing light.

b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofa and gio outdoor armchairs in situ

3. B&B Italia Hybrid Outdoor Sofa

If the tactile warmth of a textile’s warp and weft is something you thought you couldn’t expose to the elements, take a look at B&B Italia’s Hybrid Sofa. In the Hybrid, B&B Italia has taken what we love about an indoor sofa—the creature comforts of fine upholstery and generous padding—and made them fit for fresh air. Finished with a new material B&B Italia conceived especially for plein-air applications, the Hybrid is the perfect piece for minimizing the threshold between interior and exterior space and maximizing a sense of design continuity.

b&b italia erica outdoor sofa and armchairs in situ

4. B&B Italia Erica Collection

B&B Italia’s Erica line is made with versatility in mind and is touted by the furniture makers for its usability in both public and residential settings. Part of what makes this line so apt and appealing is its distinct marriage of aesthetic and utility. Each Erica piece is available with seats in multiple widths and depths, with the frame offered in three finishes. Creating cohesion throughout the set is a dynamic diamond-patterned backing that you can see and all the assurance of advanced ergonomic design that you can feel.

b&b italia bay outdoor sofa and armchairs in situ

5. B&B Italia Bay ARMCHAIR

We love the high-backed Bay Outdoor Armchair by B&B Italia for its sculptural presence on the patio. Available in three sizes, Bay’s double-braided aluminum structure provides a sense of privacy and protection without closing out external pleasures like breeze, light, and view. A thick, padded base, available in a range of fabrics and materials, is in visual dialogue with the airy frame—making the Bay Armchair not only the start of many a good conversation but an ideal place to sit and finish them.

Getting warmer?

Contact a complimentary Studio Como design consultant to learn how you can enhance the relationship between your indoor and outdoor spaces through modern furnishings, see the full range of available pieces from our several luxury lines, and place your order today. Your summer self will thank you!

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