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Spain’s Leading Lighting Company

Vibia, a renowned lighting brand, has left an indelible mark on the world of design with its innovative creations. Established with a passion for contemporary lighting solutions in the 1980s, Vibia hails from Barcelona, a city celebrated for its architectural and artistic heritage.

Throughout its history, Vibia has consistently pushed boundaries, combining cutting-edge technology with artistic expression. The brand’s dedication to design excellence has earned it a prominent position in the global lighting industry. Vibia’s fixtures are known for their seamless integration of form and function, enriching interior spaces with a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Among its bestsellers, Wireflow stands out with its graceful, minimalist wireframe constructions, while Algorithm captivates with its mesmerizing geometric patterns and customizable configurations. Palma’s organic, nature-inspired designs exude warmth and charm. Vibia’s triumphant blend of artistry and innovation makes it a vanguard in contemporary lighting, inspiring architects and interior designers worldwide.
vibia wireflow pendants in situ
vibia plusminus pendant in situ
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Vibia Designers

The designers behind Vibia are a brilliant collective of creative minds who shape its innovative and captivating products. Among them are Arik Levy, with his sculptural and modern designs, Ichiro Iwasaki, whose minimalistic approach evokes a sense of elegance, and Jordi Vilardell, known for his futuristic and avant-garde creations. Additionally, Pete Sans contributes his iconic and functional designs, while Lievore Altherr Molina blends sophistication and functionality effortlessly. Together, they form a design team that continually pushes the boundaries of lighting aesthetics and technology.

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Elegant, sensual, and universal, Vibia speaks a language of emotion that connects us with the world.

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