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Bespoke Rugs, Hides & Furs Made in Argentina

Yerra is an Argentine hide and fur rug brand that has turned an old tradition on its head. Founded in 2004 in Buenos Aires, Yerra has completely innovated a conventional practice with its bold application of color and pattern, its pursuit of new techniques, and its commitment to sustainably-sourced materials.

A Yerra piece begins with the selection of its raw materials. The brand hand-picks top quality cowhides, goat, and sheep skins, as well as furs from an exclusive shortlist of suppliers across the globe. In the end, only a third of the material surveyed is selected based on criteria such as scent, shine, and smoothness. The selected hides and furs then undergo several processes to strengthen their natural qualities and extend their durability.

The heart of Yerra is its bespoke creations. Every custom rug is handcrafted and tailor-made to satisfy the specifications of the project. The client may order any size, color, and finish, after which Yerra’s craftsmen select the perfect hides and furs to suit each design.
living room featuring a yerra cowhide rug
detail of a yerra cowhide rug
detail of a yerra fur rug

Yerra Rug Designers

Yerra regularly partners with international designers who not only provide vibrant designs but also push the boundaries of art, materials, and technology. This method of collaboration has led to several innovative techniques, including the application of contemporary patterns on hides through laser technology.

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detail of a yerra cowhide rug

Bespoke skins and furs inspired by contemporary art and design — experience the beauty of Yerra.

white tennis shoes on a beige yerra fur rug

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