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Minimalist Solid Wood Furniture

Zeitraum was founded in 1990 in the Bavarian Alpine Upland of Germany. As furniture makers specializing in minimalist solid wood furniture, the brand draws from the wealth of experience gained over centuries in the woodworking regions of southern Germany and the Alps. This knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art processing technologies, enables Zeitraum to produce masterpieces with the highest level of practical value.

Zeitraum’s designs are a tribute to the purity of wood and the durability of the form. As a matter of conviction, the brand is committed to acting sustainably and obligated to the principle of making products that can be repaired. The company processes only hardwoods from sustainable forestry and foregoes chemical treatment of the wood. The surfaces are treated with organic oils and left porous, allowing the furniture to breathe and retain their natural character.

Due to the organic structure of solid wood, Zeitraum’s design language is intentionally pure and unostentatious. Each growth ring depicts part of the life history of entire forests.
room full of okito ply chairs lined up in rows
zeitraum zenso lounge chair detail
zeitraum friday night bed with green and mauve bedding
Aero Architekten, Hertel & Klarhoefer, Kaschkasch, et al

Zeitraum Designers

In collaboration with international designers, Zeitraum develops concepts that meet contemporary needs. Design partners include Aero Architekten, Birgit Gämmerler, Catharina Lorenz, El Schmid, Formstelle, Hanna Ehlers, Hertel & Klarhoefer, Julia Läufer, Kaschkasch, Kihyun Kim, Klemens Grund, and Lorenz+Kaz, among others.

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zeitraum chairs and stools in a variety of colors against a black background

A modern, minimalist design vocabulary and a sustainable approach to woodworking — explore Zeitraum.

zeitraum table and stool in an otherwise empty room

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