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RIVA 1920


Italian Solid Wood Furniture

Riva 1920 is an Italian, family-owned business that has been producing timeless, solid wood furniture in Northern Italy for more than three generations. The company was founded by Nino Romano in 1920 as a family-run artisan workshop specializing in the production of solid wood furnishings. The Riva 1920 mission was continued in the 1970s when brothers Maurizio and Davide Riva followed their father and grandfather into the carpentry tradition and embarked on a journey of designing and crafting custom wood furniture. In 1987, the brothers set the stage for expansion by opening Riva 1920’s new headquarters in Via Milano. However, the turning point from a family workshop to a full-blown furniture factory was in 1992 when the studio began collaborating with 30 different designers. 1992 also marked the first year the company exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan, introducing the brand to a worldwide audience.

Since the 1990s, Riva has been a champion of the environment. The company prides itself on finding and working with new woods in artistic, innovative ways that respect the planet. To exalt the natural beauty of wood, Riva 1920’s products are finished using oils, beeswax, and vinyl glues without formaldehyde. In that way, Riva 1920 continues its legacy of molding and manipulating solid wood into exceptional, enduring furniture. Today, the company boasts an impressive collection of dining tables, coffee tables, benches, chairs, and more, all manufactured with age-old techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and a sensitivity to nature.
dining room featuring riva 1920 canal table
living room featuring a pair of riva 1920 bungalow armchairs
riva 1920 maui armchair in artist's studio
Terry Dwan, Renzo Piano, Mario Bellini, et al

RIVA 1920 Designers

Since the 1990s, Riva 1920 has partnered with over 100 architects and designers, including Renzo Piano, Michele de Lucchi, Karim Rashid, Mario Botta, Paolo Pininfarina, Phillipe Stark, Piero Lissoni, Marc Sadler, Mario Bellini, Claudio Bellini, and Terry Dwan, among others.

Philosophers of sorts, Riva 1920 designers interpret and anticipate trends and tastes, shaping ideas into new ways to live.

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detail of riva 1920 kauri wood table with live edge

Celebrating the beauty of imperfection, RIVA 1920 makes unique furniture for discerning people.

detail of riva 1920 briccole wood table

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