minotti connery sofa in situ

A Complete Seating System: The New Minotti Connery Sofa


Like a piece of architecture, a high-quality sofa offers both structure and inspiration to its space. It simultaneously anchors and uplifts, marrying form and function with unwavering ease. This is the twofold promise upheld and celebrated by the Connery sofa, designed by Milan-based architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti, and available now through Studio Como.

From its 1940s beginnings as an artisan-run workshop founded by Alberto Minotti in the small town of Meda, Italy to its current role as a global industry leader, Minotti is synonymous with Italian luxury furniture. Minotti’s recently released Connery Sofa is an expression of the very qualities that have kept the company at the center of high-end modern furnishings for over 70 years.

minotti connery sofa and torii armchair in situ

Versatile and understated. Forward-thinking with an enduring commitment to craft. More than a sofa, the Connery is a complete seating system that can be composed to fit the nuances of any room. As aesthetically and spatially intelligent as the architect who designed it, the Connery draws on the lineage of mid-century American design, bestowing spare lines and striking geometries that are softened by its tailored details and fine material finish.

minotti connery sofa in situ
minotti connery sofa in situ
minotti connery sofa in situ

At the Connery sofa’s base is an elevated wood and metal platform that lifts the eye. Atop this floating platform, the armrests and backrests—joined at a 45° split in the corner—provide support as well as comfort. The shape of the sofa’s distinct seat cushions, padded with channeled goose down, is defined by light stitching across the width. The Connery also features metal and leather detailing reminiscent of luxury trunks and luggage—a nod to Dordoni’s first line for Minotti, Suitcase, which debuted in 1997 and quickly became an icon.

The sofa can be left in its most minimal iteration or built out with the addition of square and round chaise lounges—attached or atolls—freely adjustable headrests, and flap shelves, available in leather or Moka ash veneer, that mirror the strip design of the sofa’s base and offer usable surface space.

minotti connery sofa and flynn armchair in situ

Designers and homeowners should think of Connery’s many flexible elements as building blocks for writing the story of their space. Its design is effortlessly streamlined, allowing for a range of authentic modern design expressions particular to each placement and use. In any configuration, the Connery is sure to grab the attention of astute design lovers while delivering the functionality and warmth necessary for entertaining, socializing, and everyday living.

Studio Como is pleased to introduce the Connery Sofa to our flagship furniture showroom in Denver. The sofa is now on view alongside the Wedge and Aeron coffee tables and the Fynn armchair (all from Minotti). Shown here in three compositions, the Connery can be customized in size, fabric, and finish to meet the needs and ambitions of your unique interior. Contact a Studio Como design consultant to discover the breadth of options available and to view additional pieces from Minotti’s extensive collection.

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