Hybrid Outdoor Sofa

by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia

Made in Italy

Hybrid Outdoor Sofa System is a collection of modular seating elements that are so versatile they can be arranged into an almost infinite number of combinations. The key role of the textile element stands out immediately, with upholsteries that completely cover the generous padding. These are typical qualities of indoor furnishings, which in Hybrid find an outdoor interpretation. Hence the name of the collection, proposed as a link between the inside and the outside of the house.

  • 24 seating elements
  • 159 fabric options
  • 7 piping finishes

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Product Details

b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofas in situ

En Plein Air

Hybrid Outdoor Sofa System is the perfect furnishing element for climates and spaces defined by a continuous blend of inside and outside environments—rooms that open en plein air and living spaces integrated into terraces and gardens.

b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofas in situ
detail of b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofa fabric
b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofa in situ
detail of b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofa fabric and cushions
b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofas in situ


Hybrid Outdoor Sofa guarantees the typical comfort of traditional upholstered furniture for interiors, thanks to a new type of particularly soft and comfortable seat cushion conceived for outdoor furnishings. The cushions are made with paddings of variable density, carefully designed to pleasantly accommodate and support the body, without allowing it to sink. The supporting structures are almost invisible, and the seat seems to float a few centimeters above the floor. To guarantee further comfort to the deeper seat, the low backrest can be raised using an additional headrest cushion.


  • Die-cast aluminum frame with extrusions with polyester powder coating
  • Shaped polyurethane of different density upholstery, cover in water repellent polyester fiber
  • Glass fiber seat slats
  • Thermoplastic ferrules
  • Waterproof cover cloth PES fabric coated on one side in PU
  • Fabric cover in limited categories (with profile)
b&b italia hybrid outdoor sofas in situ

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