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The embodiment of the “Made in Italy” moniker, Minotti is a high-end contemporary furniture company established by Alberto Minotti in 1948 in the small town of Meda, Italy. The company started as a small scale artisan workshop and slowly developed into a more industrial enterprise, seamlessly melding tradition and technology. By the 1960s, Minotti had made a name for itself producing high-quality furniture known for a refined, understated elegance.

In 1991, after the premature death of their father, Renato and Roberto Minotti took the reins of the family business ushering in a new era of global expansion and creative exploration. In 1996, the brothers installed an in-house creative office that handles everything from product development to marketing and graphic design. The following year, the brand opened the first of what are now 39 flagship stores. And in 1998, the company made its most enterprising move and appointed Milan-based architect Rodolfo Dordoni as its art director.
minotti headquarters in italy
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Dordoni, Delcourt, et al

Minotti Designers

2018 marked a watershed moment for Minotti—a new system of collaboration with an international team of designers and architects, including Christophe Delcourt, Nendo, Marcio Kogan/studio mk27, and GamFratesi. However, it is the long-standing partnership between Minotti and Rodolfo Dordoni that has strengthened the identity of a luxury furniture brand whose distinguishing feature is continuity. Immune to changing fads, Dordoni’s work is consistently sought-after for residential and hospitality projects across the globe.

designer rodolfo dordoni for minotti
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“Timeless design, utmost quality, and a strong, recognizable identity.” —Roberto Minotti

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