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Contemporary Visions of Light

The Czech premium lighting brand Brokis stands for the synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Conceived by renowned Czech and foreign designers, the original Brokis lighting collections have steadily earned international acclaim and recognition. The company combines hand blown glass with other refined materials, such as wood and manually pressed metal, in bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. The Brokis portfolio features modern functional lighting fixtures, decorative objects, and unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers. With its high-capacity production facilities rooted in more than two hundred years of history, Brokis is free to experiment and develop innovative materials, techniques, and technologies as well as offer bespoke lighting solutions.

Brokis is the brainchild of Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell. In 2006, he founded the brand as a platform to enliven and elevate Bohemian glassmaking to new heights and preserve generations of knowledge and craftsmanship. Nearly ten years prior, in 1997, he acquired the ailing Janštejn Glassworks founded at the start of the 19th century. Demand for traditional products had declined significantly, many of the glassmakers were growing old and leaving, and time-honored technologies and techniques were at risk of being lost. Rabell’s vision was to restore the factory to its former prestige and ensure that the Bohemian glassmaking tradition endured into the 21st century. Today, Brokis and Janštejn Glassworks employ a total of 100 people and enjoy a unique symbiosis that has allowed Brokis to launch sales operations in 70 countries and showcase its renowned lighting collections at the world’s top design exhibitions.
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Brokis Designers

Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet, et al

Brokis selects leading contemporary designers who have a strong relationship with both traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies, including Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet, Boris Klimek, and Fumie Shibata, among others.

Lucie Koldova is an acclaimed Czech and international product and furniture designer. Her collaboration with Brokis began in 2010 with the iconic Muffins and Balloons lighting collections. Holding the post of Brokis art director since 2014, she is the creative force behind the brand and is instrumental in shaping its product portfolio and image. In 2018, she was the first Czech designer invited to design the Das Haus installation for imm cologne.

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Bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design — explore Brokis.

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