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Contemporary Wool & Linen Rugs

The venerable design brand Kasthall is a Swedish company that designs and produces rugs and carpets for the global interior design community. Entrepreneur and designer Ludvig Anderson established Kasthall in the small town of Kinna, Sweden in 1889 when electricity was introduced. It was the first industrial rug factory in the country. Word spread about the factory’s products — original rugs that were beautiful, durable, and a pleasure to walk on. The quality of the rugs and the creative environment of the factory soon attracted the country’s most prominent designers.

Today the Kasthall factory and headquarters are still located in exactly the same place — a symbol of the company’s commitment to continuity and authenticity. Since 1889, Kasthall has created rugs for all kinds of clients and spaces; from beautiful residences, luxury yachts, and exotic hideaways to trendsetting offices, boutique hotels, and the Swedish Royal Castle.

Kasthall is about transforming a vision into a realistic design solution for the floor. To create a Kasthall rug, there are several ingredients, including high expertise and craftsmanship, the finest natural materials in the world, and excellent design understanding. Every step and every rug is guided by two motivations: perfection and passion.

Every Kasthall rug is made to order and tailored to the customer’s individual wishes and needs. At Kasthall, each woven and hand-tufted rug is one-of-a-kind and receives a hand-signed label after its quality has been assured to the very last thread.
dressing room featuring a kasthall poppy rug in blue
detail of kasthall happy rug in green, yellow, and blue stripes
giant spools of green wool yarn at the kasthall rug factory
Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, Lara Bohinc, et al

Kasthall Rug Designers

Kasthall works with a select group of international and Swedish designers who have a strong affinity for design and textiles, including Ellinor Eliasson, Maja Johansson Starander, Lena Jiseborn, Ilsa Crawford, Paola Navone, Lara Bohinc, and Jean-Marie Massaud, among others.

However, it is the partnership with Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, the lead designer of Kasthall from 1987 until her death in 2015, that had the most influence on the brand and produced Kasthall’s most iconic collections: Moss, Fogg, Häggå and Tekla. Lagerhem Ullberg played a significant role in driving the brand forward and is often referred to as ❛The Queen of Rugs❜.

kasthall rug designer gunilla lagerhem ullberg
detail of a kasthall harper rug in yellow

Woven and hand-tufted rugs made by hand from the finest wool and linen — explore Kasthall.

living room featuring a kasthall harvest rug in black and grey stripes

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