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Luxury Furniture Made in Italy

Italian brand Baxter makes handcrafted luxury furniture that elevates the language of leather. Founders Luigi Bestetti, and his nephew Paolo Bestetti, describe Baxter as “a story about the feeling that Made in Italy design is able to evoke.” In this spirit, Baxter strives to cultivate excellence untethered by commercial concerns. And the results speak for themselves. From sofas and armchairs to beds and tables–every piece emanates beauty, quality, culture, and elegance.

Founded in 1990, Baxter draws on the century-old tradition of Italian leather making but transforms the craft through experimentation. According to the company, the Baxter magic lies in choosing the most exquisite full-grain leather, protecting its precious qualities, then manipulating it in unprecedented ways. The rules are often broken to create solutions that push design to new heights.
baxter tactile sofa and dalma sofa in situ
baxter anais armchair in situ
baxter lago dining table in situ

At the heart of Baxter is an extraordinary family of talented tanners, designers, and makers, including internationally renowned creatives Paola Navone, Piero Lissoni, Christophe Delcourt, Federico Peri, and Roberto Lazzeroni. Together, they make sumptuous, elegant pieces designed to inspire.

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baxter bourgeouis dining table with lazybones dining chairs in situ

Baxter is the ambassador of the Made in Italy philosophy, an ethos of timeless design and elegance.

baxter belt sofa in situ

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