Torii Bold Armchair

Designed by nendo for Minotti

Made in Italy

Softness meets structure in Torii Bold Armchair, the newest member of nendo’s award-winning seating collection.

  • Features large, rounded volumes atop a slender metal base.
  • Harmonizes with the original Torii design in an elegant interplay.
  • Sartorial details like vertical quilting and piping in eco-materials.
  • Available in fixed or swivel versions, with a matching sofa and ottomans.

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Product Details

minotti torii bold armchairs and sofa in situ
minotti torii bold armchairs in situ
minotti torii bold armchair in situ
minotti torii bold armchairs and sofa in situ


Torii Bold Armchair by nendo for Minotti marks a bold evolution in the Torii furniture family. This piece expertly balances the contrast between its generously rounded upholstery and the delicate lightness of its metal base structure, illustrating a masterful fusion of elements that define contemporary elegance.

Derived from the original iconic Torii design, the Torii Bold armchair retains the signature morphology of the backrest while presenting a more robust and compact form. This evolution allows it to engage in a harmonious dialogue with the earlier design, through a clever interplay of solid forms and open spaces, embodying the essence of modern design philosophy.

The armchair’s slim backrest is a testament to the craftsmanship, detailed with vertical quilting and piping in eco-leather or eco-nubuck. These elements not only outline the upholstery’s perimeter but also highlight the meticulous attention to detail and the couture aspect of the design.

In a nod to traditional Japanese aesthetics, from which the Torii family draws its inspiration, the feet of the chair are adorned with a small, jewel-like button. This detail maintains the balance of vertical and horizontal lines and supports the upholstered volume of both the sofas and armchairs in this collection. The availability of both fixed and swivel versions of the armchair, the latter featuring a curved metal base that discreetly houses the swivel mechanism, offers versatility in styling and functionality.

Accompanying the armchair, and extending the design language of the Torii Bold family, are the ottomans. Available in various shapes and sizes, these pieces mirror the armchair’s base design and are equipped with castors for ease of movement, lending an informal touch to the living space.

The Torii Bold armchair, alongside the matching sofa available in both small and large sizes, including a peninsula version, invites a blend of tradition and innovation into your home. This collection blends the refined beauty of Japanese inspirations with the versatility and comfort required for modern living spaces.


  • Structure: Seat in plywood of various thicknesses. The structure is coated in high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam. Metal backrest coated in flame-resistant polyurethane foam, and then encased in breathable, hypoallergenic laminated fiber for added softness. The backrest/armrest structure and internal casing on sofas and armchairs feature a quilted vertical slat pattern finished with double stitching. A piping around the perimeter of the backrest and the seat cushion defines the edge of the upholstery. Seat cushion upholstery features topstitching.
  • Cushions: Backrest cushion padding in channeled goose down undergoes routine sanitization as specified in EC Regulation No. 1069/2009 (Assopiuma certified, Gold Label) with core insert in high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam.
  • Covers: Structure and backrest cushions are completely removable in all versions (fabric and leather).
  • Base:
    • Feet: Made of 25 mm Ø solid metal rods, varnished Bronze color with polished anti-fingerprint finish; tip and decorative element in brass, Black-Nickel finish. Black protective SEBS glides.
    • Swivel base: In metal, varnished polished Bronze color anti-fingerprint finish, 360° swivel with return. Black protective SEBS glides.
  • Ottoman: Optional ottoman includes 4 castors with 360° swivel, structure in nylon thermoplastic polyurethane rubber.
  • Piping: If the client has not specified the piping color on the order, the choice will be determined by Minotti. The piping is made of eco-leather and/or eco-nubuck (a dry-cleanable material) and comes in the following colors:
    • Eco-Leather: White, Cloud, Sand, Havana, Ice, Chestnut, Peat, Baltic, Burgundy, Smoke, Cast-Iron, Black, Mustard, Cognac, Corten;
    • Eco-Nabuk: Cloud, Mink, Ice, Moka, Baltic, Burgundy, Moss, Charcoal, Green, Cognac, Corten, Granite, Curry.

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