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Minimalism Meets Heritage: Highlights from 3daysofdesign


Denmark is at the center of Scandinavian furniture design, and for three days every June, Copenhagen becomes the center of the center.

Since 2013, the 3daysofdesign festival has drawn an ever-increasing number of attendees from across the globe to convene in the city bustling with bicycles and boats. This year, Studio Como design director Laura Folgoni and consultant Emily Sewell attended 3days, seeking out new brands, experiences, and inspiration at the most significant design event in Scandinavia.

At the top of Laura and Emily’s list was a visit to Vipp, a mainstay Danish company that Studio Como added to the catalog earlier this year. Vipp’s exhibition was in celebration of their 85th anniversary and highlighted their metalwork heritage. Both Laura and Emily were moved by the exhibition, which was held in one of the company’s several guesthouses called Vipp Loft—a former printing factory that has been converted into a residential environment outfitted with Vipp furnishings. “Vipp takes Scandinavian design to a new level of minimalism,” Laura says. “Their pieces are simple and functional, and architectural setting plays a huge role in their effect. This exhibition had a lot of emotionality, and seeing Vipp’s pieces in a warm Scandinavian interior was very special. We never wanted to leave.”

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Daybed & Lodge Lounge Chair

reading space in vipp loft copenhagen

Cabin Chair & Pouf

dining space in vipp loft copenhagen

Cabin Round Table & Rack

De La Espada, another Studio Como brand, collaborated with Copenhagen-based cabinetmakers Garde Hvalsøe, presenting an exhibition titled “Crafted to Last” in the Garde Hvalsøe showroom. Both companies are committed to high-craft woodworking, and this element was at the forefront of the installation. “The collaboration between the two was very harmonious,” says Emily. “It highlighted the use of raw material, and overall felt like a very human space.”

crafted at last exhibit at 3daysofdesign copenhagen 2024

Also on the itinerary were displays by Zanat, Moooi, Santa & Cole, Brokis, and Tom Dixon, but Laura shares that their time in Copenhagen was mostly focused on seeing new-to-them brands—like Japanese brand Koyori, which launched a new collection by Michael Anastassiades and GamFratesi—and experiencing the city. “Being in Copenhagen was as much of a cultural experience as the festival itself,” says Laura. “Many of the exhibitions were in historical buildings, so there was a strong connection between the architecture of those places and what brands selected to display.”

koyori exhibit at 3daysofdesign copenhagen 2024

Ben Gaffney, founder of design consultancy and product development company AileenJames (whose office is in the same building as Studio Como’s Denver showroom), also attended the festival. For him, traveling to Denmark for 3daysofdesign has become an annual tradition that’s integral to business. “It’s become an important occasion to visit my clients and collaborators, and to catch up with colleagues from around the world,” he says. “We’re able to roundtable current and future projects and spend time together socializing, which is a huge part of 3days.”

Of note to him were the installations with strong character and theme. “Helle Mardahl Studio was by far the most fun, creative, and beautiful space I visited on this trip,” he shares. “It very much represented her personality in the most positive way.”

Ben was encouraged to see that a number of established brands—like Audo Copenhagen, who he worked with to curate a heritage collection—are licensing vintage designs. “There are a number of great designs that are not in production,” he explains, “but with a system for producing both new designs and past classics, brands can add great value to their collections. I believe this will be a common practice in the future, and I fully support it.”

The centuries-old continuity of Danish design and artisanship was a thread that Laura and Emily followed throughout the city. “It was definitely an inspirational trip for design enthusiasts,” Emily shares. “The festival has a very unique format compared to a lot of other global fairs, in that it’s open to the public and scattered throughout the city of Copenhagen. We walked a lot and saw a lot of architecture.”

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3daysofdesign copenhagen 2024
building facade copenhagen denmark

“The Copenhagen location is key to the 3days experience,” Ben adds. “It’s super inclusive and open—anyone off the street can experience a studio or brand, which is a very Danish way of operating. There are no long lines or pretentiousness, just excitement to share ideas.”

Vipp Loft photos courtesy of Vipp
“Crafted to Last” exhibit photo courtesy of De La Espada
Koyori 3daysofdesign exhibit photo courtesy of Koyori