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Ethical, Artistic Contemporary Rugs

For over fifteen years, Joseph Carini rugs have been designed in New York, woven in Nepal, and inspired by the world in between. Founded in 1997 by Joe Carini and Aurelie Lang, the emphasis of the company is focused on exploring the use of unusual natural dyes, natural fibers, and authentic traditional weaving techniques.

Joseph Carini began working with Tibetan and Nepalese carpets in 1991, and before that, he was an expert in the antique carpet world, dealing mostly in collectible tribal rugs. His infatuation with rare and unusual rugs lead him to an in-depth study of the use of colors, specialized natural dyes, design etymologies, and weaving techniques. The lost knowledge he was able to accumulate and apply to his work makes Joseph Carini Carpets one of the last modern rug makers in the world to use authentic Tibetan knotting techniques and dyes made from scratch. The colors Joseph Carini uses are connected with healing plants and rooted in Ayurvedic science. How color affects our emotional and physical life are questions which have informed the company’s work from the beginning. By preserving traditional processes and fusing them with visionary design, the brand hopes to bring the magic from the past into the contemporary world in which we live.

Joseph Carini Carpets takes organic living one step further with silk and wool carpets that are toxin-free. Along with its craftsmanship and design, Joseph Carini rugs come with certification by the non-profit organization GoodWeave.
living room featuring a joseph carini mohair rug
detail of rug maker inspecting orange yarn
detail of a joseph carini graffiti rug in wool and silk
Joseph Carini Carpets Co-Founder & Designer

Joseph Carini

Joseph Carini is an artist, designer, and native New Yorker. He has studied at Pratt Institute, at The National Academy of Art, and with several prominent antique rug dealers.

Constantly experimenting with weaving techniques and materials that push the envelope of contemporary rug making, Carini loves to collaborate with other artists and produces many of his carpets to order.

designer joseph carini against a graffitied brick wall
detail of a joseph carini custom rug in blue and gold

Artist-designed and artisanally made, discover the quality and style of Joseph Carini Carpets.

living room featuring a blue and red joseph carini rug

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