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New B&B Italia & Maxalto In-Store


Studio Como is setting its sights on spring with new additions to the Denver showroom from B&B Italia and its sister company, Maxalto. Seven new pieces join the floor, a few of which are also freshly released by their brands.

There’s nothing that can replace seeing and feeling these high-quality Italian furnishings in person, and we invite you to make an appointment with Studio Como Denver to do so. But in the meantime, read on to hear just what makes these new acquisitions exceptional.

In 2023, B&B Italia introduced the Dambo sofa designed by Piero Lissoni, the Tortello armchair by Barber & Osgerby, and the Lemante small tables by Kensaku Oshiro—and all three have found a home in our showroom. The first of Oshiro’s work to come to Studio Como, the Lemante tables are described by B&B Italia as having a “strong biographical note” for their Japanese-born, Milan-based creator. Its striking geometry (the frame comprises two parallel squares, rotated and offset by 45 degrees) is a complimentary contrast to the Tortello armchair’s curved minimalism—which Studio Como design director Laura Folgoni indicates as following “B&B Italia’s tradition of cold-injected rounded shapes.”

b&b italia dambo sofa
b&b italia tortello armchair
b&b italia timo rug
b&b italia lemante small tables

“The common denominator with Tortello and Dambo is comfort,” Laura says. “Dambo is a super lounge, with soft seating and backs, and big fluffy pillows that envelop their user.” The modular Dambo is easy to assemble and its pentagon-shaped pieces can be combined in numerous configurations. Laura explains that, per the designer’s intent, Dambo’s structural informality can be dressed up or down using the company’s newly introduced patterned upholsteries. “The material combinations give the sofa a very bohemian look, like a large pillow and blanket that you want to curl up in to watch TV,” she explains. “We have it dressed up a bit more seriously in the showroom, with warm gray flannels and accent colors in burnt orange.”

In the Denver showroom, the Dambo sofa and Lemante tables are positioned atop a B&B Italia Timo rug. Shown on the walls above are three works on paper, installed as a triptych, from Boulder-based artist Jamie Kripke’s series The Divide.

The ritual of mealtime takes precedence in the new Maxalto vignette, where the Ares dining table, Febo dining chairs, Sella bench, and Naos rug cohere to form a picture of convivial gatherings. These new-to-Studio Como pieces are each designed by Antonio Citterio, whose pieces are often referred to as modern neoclassics because they transmute timeless forms with contemporary Italian sensibility.

maxalto ares dining tables
maxalto sella bench
maxalto febo dining chairs
maxalto naos rug

The Ares dining table, Laura says, is a perfect example of this. “This is not a new product, but this table has been among my favorites for a long time,” she says. “Besides the X shape of the legs, the table’s beauty relies on the thickness of the top and the grain of the oak.” It is, she says, simple, elegant, and unique.

Two seating options are shown with the Ares—the Febo dining chair and Sella bench (both of which would be just as pleasing as accompaniments to other dining tables). Laura calls the Febo a “pillar in the Maxalto collection,” pointing to the chair’s graceful lines that are edged with raised blanket stitching, as well as its comfortability. The Sella bench offers a less traditional seat that doesn’t spare any attention to detail. Its solid wood structure and concave seat can be covered in either fabric or leather, featuring a cellulose rope woven into a basket-like texture.

Fittingly for early spring, the overall mood about the new arrivals to Studio Como Denver is excitement. “I’m always excited about sharing what I love,” says Laura. “Our offerings are so diverse, and this is the best part of our identity as a multi-brand store. These pieces can easily fit in everyone’s home, simply because Studio Como clients are interested in comfort. They want their homes to be shelters without compromising on looks.”

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