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Oasi Outdoor Sofa

Designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti

Made in Italy

Oasi Outdoor Sofa is part of a series composed of single seating, sectional elements, and a pouf. A basic element takes on different configurations according to the presence or absence of the backrest and the type and quantity of armrests that complete it.

The Oasi series was awarded the 2018 Archiproduct Design Awards and the 2020 German Design Award in the Gardening and Outdoor Living category.


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paola lenti oasi outdoor sofa in situ

Diade with Tela

Oasi features Diade, a patented, recyclable mono-material structure, available in several colors. Diade stands out for its textile appearance, obtained by joining the background material with a high-tech yarn developed and produced by Paola Lenti. The fabric, in this case, Tela, designs the surfaces of Diade, creating amazing and unpredictable mélange effects.

paola lenti oasi outdoor sofa in situ
paola lenti oasi outdoor sofa in situ


Oasi Outdoor Sofa by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti is a seating system for outdoor spaces composed of a base element, which can be configured variously with the addition of back or armrests. The seat structure is made of stainless steel with elastic belts and a cushion in differentiated polyester, all fully recyclable.

The basic seating element can be combined with a varnished aluminum backrest and armrests with different inclinations and completed with cushions. The outer side of the back and armrests and the structural visible shell is covered by Diade panels. (Diade is the Paola Lenti signature molded plastic material, which is recyclable and available in several colors.) Cushion upholstery is removable and available in a handful of signature Paola Lenti outdoor fabrics.


  • Varnished AISI 304 stainless steel structure with elastic belts and plastic spacers.
  • Backrests, armrests and closing panels: gloss-varnished aluminum in a color matching the background of the visible panels in Diade. Visible covering of backrests, armrests, and closing panels: Diade, white, green or light blue base coupled with Tela fabric.
  • Removable seat cushion in a polyester fiber, insert in stress-resistant expanded polyurethane, fixed foam covering in waterproof polyester.
  • Removable back and armrest cushion in a polyester fiber, insert in stress-resistant expanded polyurethane, fixed foam covering in waterproof polyester.
  • Removable cushion upholstery available in the fabrics Rope T, Brio, or Thea.

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Paola Lenti produces furniture, rugs, and architectural structures for both indoor and outdoor environments using signature materials and colors. A master colorist, Paola Lenti, founded her namesake company in 1994 in Meda, Italy, a mecca for high-end designer furniture. The brand has established itself on the international scene thanks to its timeless collection of ergonomic and stylish indoor furnishing elements and a wide range of outdoor furniture.

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