Tortello Armchair

Designed by Barber & Osgerby for B&B Italia

Made in Italy

Tortello Armchair merges eco-conscious innovation with contemporary design, offering a unique statement in sustainability.

  • Recycled materials ensure a minimal environmental footprint.
  • ‘Pinched’ stitching creates a distinctive, cozy silhouette.
  • Designed for easy disassembly, supporting circular design principles.

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Tortello Armchair, designed by Barber & Osgerby for B&B Italia, is a testament to innovative design and sustainable craftsmanship. This monolithic armchair captivates with its generous, soft, and cozy shapes, embodying comfort in every curve. The foundation of Tortello’s unique aesthetic lies in its trapezoidal section base, crafted from second-life recycled polyethylene through rotational molding, underscoring the chair’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Atop this innovative base rests an elastomer mattress, further enhanced by a foamed upper element enveloped in soft fabric. This upper volume showcases a distinctive silhouette, accentuated by a ‘pinched’ stitching technique that adds depth and character to the design.

Tortello stands as a pinnacle of responsible manufacturing, leveraging advanced technologies and cutting-edge materials to ensure minimal environmental impact. The armchair’s structure and softness are achieved through meticulous construction methods and the strategic use of minimal polyurethane, enhanced by thermoplastic elastomers. Remarkably, Tortello’s design eschews adhesives or glues, allowing for each component to be fully disassembled and recycled, promoting a lifecycle rooted in circularity. This commitment to sustainability, paired with its striking design, makes the Tortello Armchair an emblem of modern, eco-conscious living spaces.


  • Flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam upholstery with polyester fiber cover
  • Thermoplastic elastomer or expanded polyurethane
  • Polyethylene frame
  • Nylon feet covers
  • Thermoplastic ferrules
  • Fabric cover

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