Do-Maru Armchair

Designed by Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien for B&B Italia

Made in Italy

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b&b italia do-maru armchair in situ

Doshi Levien, Design Studio

Doshi Levien is a London-based design studio founded by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Their unique approach to design blends cultural influences, industrial techniques, and fine craftsmanship to create distinctive and memorable products for global brands such as B&B Italia, Moroso, and Camper.

b&b italia do-maru armchairs in situ
b&b italia do-maru armchairs in situ


Do-Maru Armchair by Doshi Levien for B&B Italia is named after the ancient armor worn by samurai warriors, made up of painted and decorated thick leather plates that covered and protected the hero’s body.

The shell of the seat is made up of two superimposed bodies, softened by paddings that can be upholstered with either fabric or leather. The cast aluminum back support boldly underlines the conical profile of the small armchair, while the anterior support is in tubular metal with different finishes, studied to match the colors of the body.


  • Hard polyurethane seat and back shell
  • Bayfit® flexible cold-shaped polyurethane foam seat and back upholstery
  • Steel profiles front leg
  • Die-cast aluminum rear leg
  • Plastic ferrules
    Fabric or leather cover

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