Connery Sofa

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti

Made in Italy

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minotti connery sofa in situ

A Hint of Couture

The clever combination of fine materials and sophisticated details adds a hint of couture to the Connery seating system.

minotti connery sofa in situ
minotti connery sofa in situ
minotti connery sofa in situ
close up of a minotti connery sofa
minotti connery sofa in situ


Contemporary, with a strong architectural appeal and pure lines reminiscent of mid-century American design, Connery Sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti sports an exquisite, eye-catching aesthetic. An extremely versatile seating system, in terms of both composition and combination of materials, Connery has a distinctive personality also expressed in the pairing of square and round chaise-lounges.

With its geometric rigor, the base creates an original contrast with the softness of the seat, conceived as a single cushion punctuated by light stitching defining the width of the seat—83 or 68 cm—and with the structure of the backrest and armrest, covered in channeled goose down padding. The backrest and armrest form a single volume, with a 45° split in the corner.

As well as the fabric covering, the padded structural base can also feature a covering with strips of leather, crafted with the same technique used in fine leather luggage-crafting. References to the concept of high-end leather goods are also found in the headrests and the elegant “C”-shaped Flap surfaces, which seamlessly blend into the seating elements, animating the compositions with a vibrant rhythm.

The structural base is raised from the ground on thin blades in extruded aluminum in a Brandy polished varnished finish, positioned at the front, giving the sofa an appealing and airy look, and recalling the metal parts of trunks and suitcases.

The Flap shelves reiterate the strip design of the structural base and make the system functional, offering stylish, surfaces on which to place objects. Covered in leather or Moka ash veneer, they dialogue harmoniously with the textures of the covering.

The leather bands of the structural base—sewn together with straps and marked out by stitching that adds rhythm to the design—are made with the same technique used in fine leather luggage crafting. The same concept of high-end leather goods also inspires the freely adjustable headrests.

The well-structured, customizable range, offering many different compositional options, in addition to longer square chaise-longues, also includes circular elements, which can be positioned near the sofa as atolls.


  • Plywood structure with metal trim surround
  • The seat structure is coated in high-resilience variable-density polyurethane foam
  • Armrests and backrests in plywood of various thicknesses, coated in high-resilience variable-density polyurethane foam. Armrests and backrests are then encased in channeled goose down quilting (Assopiuma Gold Label certified) for added softness and undergo routine sanitization as specified in EC Regulation No. 1069/2009
  • Backrest and seat cushions in channeled goose down (Assopiuma Gold Label certified) undergo routine sanitization as specified in EC Regulation No. 1069/2009, with variable-density polyurethane foam insert for added softness. The seat cushion and its internal casing are crafted with a subtle quilted pattern with double embroidery and quilt stitching that highlights the linear yet soft shape of the seat.
  • Flap tabletop surfaces made of bent 8 mm thick aluminum sheet, upholstered in leather in the style of fine leather goods, or in ash veneer with open-pore Moka color lacquer finish
  • Headrest made of plywood coated in high-resilience polyurethane foam, then sheathed in breathable, heat-bonded fiber laminated to white cotton canvas. To improve adherence of the element to the seat, a counterweight is inserted inside the fabric strip where it meets the seat cushion. Cover completely removable.
  • Structure, seat, and backrest cushion covers are completely removable in all versions (fabric and leather). Coverings of the backrest/armrest elements can easily be removed by releasing the levers located underneath the sofas.
  • Tray made of aluminum with oak veneer, open-pore Moka lacquer finish, and metal frame with Black-Nickel color finish. Felt glides.
  • Sofa base is made of weight-bearing blades in extruded brushed aluminum with a polished varnished Brandy color finish. Black polyethylene glides. The exclusive “Brandy” varnished finish, developed by Minotti Studio, is achieved through an exclusive high-quality hand-finishing process that emphasizes the polished brushed aluminum texture, including possible natural nuances that make each piece unique.

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