Lantern 3 Pendant Light

Designed by Gabriel Hendifar for Apparatus

Made in United States

Drop lengths between 44 and 85 inches are available.

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Lantern 3 Pendant

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apparatus lantern 3 pendant light in situ

Time Immemorial

Lanterns have been used for light since antiquity. With his Lantern 3 Pendant, Hendifar references the storied history of this important lighting source and honors its current role in spiritual and cultural observances worldwide.

apparatus lantern 3 pendant light
apparatus lantern 1 pendant light
apparatus lantern 2 pendant light
close up of an apparatus lantern pendant light shade
close up of an apparatus lantern pendant light


The slip-cast porcelain forms of the Lantern 3 Pendant Light by Gabriel Hendifar for Apparatus float along a rigid brass structure. Their glow is punctuated by finely incised fluting, connecting to the most essential element of historical lanterns: light passing through a delicate protective form. Repeating spheres act as a counterpoint to the sizeable shades.


  • Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
  • Chōchin
  • Wiener Werkstatte


  • Slip-cast fluted porcelain shade
  • Brass armature

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Founded in 2012, Apparatus creates bespoke furnishings and lighting that revolt against the corporatization of design. The company’s distinctive catalog is created with sensual materials like marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer, and porcelain combined with patinated brass. Embracing a tradition of studio craftsmanship, each piece is hand-finished and assembled in New York.

apparatus lariat pendant light in room with two arched doors

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