Tassel 3 Pendant Light

Designed by Gabriel Hendifar for Apparatus

Made in United States

Drop lengths between 25 and 60 inches are available.

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Tassel 3 Pendant

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apparatus tassel 3 pendant light in situ


Luminous glass cylinders nestled within smooth brass domes, the Tassel 3 Pendant is the essence of modern elegance.

apparatus tassel 3 pendant
apparatus tassel 3 pendant brass domes
apparatus tassel pendant in situ

Tassel 57

apparatus tassel 19 pendant light in situ
apparatus tassel 19 pendant light in situ

Tassel 19


Tassel 3 Pendant Light by Gabriel Hendifar for Apparatus condenses the warmth and decadence of a traditional chandelier to a concise, modern conclusion. Emanating from brass domes, the light is amplified as it refracts through mold-blown glass cylinders.


  • Passementerie
  • Historical reinterpretation
  • Yves Saint Laurent


  • Mold-blown glass cylinders
  • Brass dome and armature

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About Apparatus

Founded in 2012, Apparatus creates bespoke furnishings and lighting that revolt against the corporatization of design. The company’s distinctive catalog is created with sensual materials like marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer, and porcelain combined with patinated brass. Embracing a tradition of studio craftsmanship, each piece is hand-finished and assembled in New York.

apparatus lariat pendant light in room with two arched doors

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