Infinity Bookcase

Designed by Antonio Citterio for Flexform

Made in Italy

The design concept for Infinity Bookcase lies in subtraction—the concept of paring down the container in order to allow the contents to shine. Infinity is a modular system made of epoxy-powder-coated metal containers that come in an extensive array of colors, freely stackable and joined to each other by an invisible satin-finish steel connector screw. The Infinity modules make it possible to create an almost infinite number of compositions, giving rise to an elegant interplay of negative and positive spaces.

The Infinity bookcase can be paired with the practical yet refined cowhide Box containers with side slit handles for easy removal from the bookcase. The sophisticated textural contrast between the understated sheet metal and the warmth of the cowhide is the source of success for this now-iconic product.


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Product Details

flexform infinity bookcase in situ

The Ideal Match

Designed as the ideal accessory for the Infinity bookcase, Box is an attractive and functional accessory made of warm, natural cowhide—a preferred Flexform material. Two simple openings cut out of the sides of the Box act as handles to easily pick it up and move it.

flexform infinity bookcase in situ
flexform infinity bookcase in situ


Infinity Bookcase by Antonio Citterio for Flexform is offered in 13 metal colors and an infinite number of compositions for the ultimate custom storage solution. Pair with multiple Box containers, Flexform’s cowhide storage baskets, for discreet storage. Box is available in nine handsome hide colors and four sizes.


  • Epoxy powder-coated metal frame
  • Satined steel joint elements
  • Chromed metal base
  • Epoxy powder-coated metal top with glass

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