Febo Dining Chair

Designed by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto

Made in Italy

Discover the elegance and versatility of Maxalto’s Febo Dining Chairs, a perfect blend of comfort and style for any setting.

  • Three distinct versions cater to a variety of dining experiences.
  • Available in fabric or leather with covered legs or with sleek wooden legs.
  • Designed to complement a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.

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Product Details

maxalto febo dining chairs and ares dining table in situ
febo dining arm chair in situ

Timeless Chairs for Every Occasion

Embrace the timeless elegance of the Febo collection, designed to elevate any occasion with their classic comfort and versatile style.

febo high back dining chair in situ
maxalto febo dining chairs, ares dining table, and sella bench in situ


Febo Dining Chairs by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto enrich the Febo family with their diversity and elegance, offering three distinct versions tailored to various dining and lounging scenarios. The first version presents classic, comfortable proportions ideal for dining settings. The second, with its reduced height, pairs seamlessly with tea tables for a more casual lounging or café-style setting. The third option features a high back and enveloping lines, offering a more pronounced sense of comfort and privacy.

Each chair variant embodies versatility through its design options: available in a unified material clad in fabric or leather with a prominent blanket stitch detailing, or alternatively, with wooden legs, catering to a broad spectrum of interior styles and personal tastes. This range showcases Maxalto’s commitment to craftsmanship, comfort, and the seamless blend of traditional aesthetics with contemporary design principles.


  • Tubular steel frame with steel profile
  • Bayfit® flexible cold-shaped polyurethane foam internal upholstery, polyester fiber cover
  • Solid wood legs exposed or covered in fabric or leather
  • Thermoplastic ferrules
  • Fabric (blanket stitching) or leather (blanket stitching or raised stitching) cover

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About Maxalto

Founded in 1975, Maxalto is a collection of neo-classical furnishings with modern sensibilities. Made in Italy with unmistakable timeless elegance, the collection is designed and coordinated by the renowned Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio.

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