Esther Rug

Designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg for Kasthall

Made in Sweden

Made exclusively from natural materials, this beautiful shaft-woven bouclé adds flair and character as an area rug but is also well-suited as a wall-to-wall carpet. With its curly yarn developed and manufactured at Kasthall’s factory in Kinna, Sweden, the hand-woven rug draws inspiration from the close-cropped fleece of sheep. Combined with different shades of wool and linen, this gives Esther a marbled and shimmering surface. Its modern design is both hard-wearing and durable, granting it unrivaled longevity.

  • Custom sizes available
  • Eight colorways

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Esther Rug by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg for Kasthall is made exclusively from natural materials. Hard-wearing and durable with a marbled and shimmering surface.


  • Woven bouclé rug in pure wool and linen
  • Weft material 65% wool and 35% linen
  • Warp material 100% linen
  • Total thickness approx. 10 mm
  • Total weight approx. 3000 g/m²
  • Suggested sizes:
    • 3×7.9 ft
    • 4.6×6.6 ft
    • 5.6×7.9 ft
    • 6.6×9.8 ft
    • 8.2×11.5 ft
    • 9.8×13.1 ft
    • 11.5×14.8 ft
  • Custom-made sizes between 2.3-19.7 ft in width and any length
  • Also suitable as an exclusive wall-to-wall carpet

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Venerable Swedish design brand Kasthall creates beautiful long-lasting rugs and floor coverings from the finest, renewable materials. Since 1889, Kasthall rugs have adorned spaces as varied as beautiful residences, luxury yachts, and exotic hideaways to trendsetting offices, boutique hotels, and the Swedish Royal Castle.

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