Cena Dining Table

Designed by B. Gämmerler, P. Gaebelein for Zeitraum

Made in Germany

Cena Dining Table shows great strength of character. The beveled tabletop gives it a lightness that contrasts nicely with the reassuringly solid trestle. Available in rectangular, hyper elliptical, oval, round, and square. The Cena family also includes a bench and a high version. With regard to custom dimensions, Cena is very variable.

  • White-oiled ash
  • Oak, knotty oak, color-stained oak
  • American cherry
  • American walnut, knotty American walnut, European walnut

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14-16 Weeks
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zeitraum cena dining table hyper elliptical
zeitraum cena dining table and bench
zeitraum cena dining table round
zeitraum cena dining table round


Cena Dining Table by Birgit Gämmerler and Peter Gaebelein for Zeitraum is available in custom dimensions up to 212.5″ × 51.1″ with rectangular formats, 94.4″ × 94.4″ for square, and up to Ø 94.4″ for round formats. Refer to the tearsheet for standard dimensions in all shapes.


  • Solid wood frame in white-oiled ash, oak, knotty oak, color-stained oak, American cherry, American walnut, knotty American walnut, or European walnut
  • Impregnated with natural oils and waxes with the exception of color-stained oak which is matte lacquered
  • For contract use, we propose a DD-lacquer finish on tabletops

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