Bosc Outdoor Sofa

Designed by Made Studio for Gandia Blasco

Made in Spain

Bosc Outdoor Sofa is a designer seating collection made of a welded aluminum structure and micro-perforated sheet metal that reproduces the natural wicker pattern traditionally used by artisans in the Mediterranean. Generous polyurethane and memory foam rubber cushions and pillows rest on it, covered with water-repellent fabric and upholstered with Sunbrella or Kvadrat quality textiles that you can customize with different textures and colors.

The frame of the Bosc outdoor sofa is available in all Gandia Blasco powder-coated colors: white, sand, bronze, wine red, greenish-blue, cement green, anthracite, black, and bottle green. The armrests are available in iroko wood.


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14-16 Weeks
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gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ

Inspiration for the Bosc Collection

Bosc is a place in Menorca that sums up the essence of the Mediterranean—freshness, tradition, sand, and breeze. It is the flavor of things well done, from gastronomy to architecture, whether yesterday or today. Simple solutions that transmit a mixture of peace, well-being, and satisfaction.

gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ
gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ
gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ
gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ
gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ


“If we agree that Bosc sums up what we understand by Mediterranean, we cannot ignore comfort and adaptability, two characteristic features of the architecture and objects of our region. Both features have been decisive in the development of the Bosc collection, with a strong textile component that makes the product comfortable even before sitting down. ” —Made Studio

Structural weaving techniques using plant fibers such as wicker are a strong part of Mediterranean culture; Made Studio pays tribute to that tradition through a contemporary abstraction that translates those plant fibers to aluminum and integrates the wicker aesthetic in a subtle but present way.


  • Thermo-lacquered welded aluminum
  • Thermo-lacquered perforated sheet
  • Iroko armrest (optional)
  • Polyurethane foam rubber covered with water-repellent fabric
  • Outdoor fabric cover
gandia blasco bosc outdoor sofa in situ

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About Gandia Blasco

Founded by José Gandía-Blasco in 1941 in Valencia, Spain, Gandia Blasco creates timeless modern outdoor furniture with strong architectural lines. Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, Gandia Blasco collections are fresh, elegant products that complement each other and their outdoor settings.

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