Balloons Table Lamp

Designed by Lucie Koldova & Dan Yeffet for Brokis

Made in Czech Republic

Balloons, a collection of timeless lights embodying rudimental forms evoking images of hot air balloons, captivates with the beauty of large-format handblown glass and an elegant metal reflector hovering within. The design’s charm lies in the use of two independent glass sections to achieve the impression of an integral whole. Lavish proportions and an elegant hand-pressed metal reflector are the collection’s defining traits.

The size of the largest shade pushes the very boundaries of glassblowing technology and illustrates the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of Bohemian glassmakers. The Balloons collection is one of the pillars of the Brokis portfolio. Balloons also make an outstanding sculptural statement during the day when they are switched off.

  • Three sizes
  • 11 glass colors
  • 10 body finishes

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3-4 Months
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brokis balloons table lamps in situ
brokis balloons table lamps in situ
brokis balloons table lamps in situ
brokis balloons table lamps in situ
brokis balloons table lamps in situ


Balloons Table Lamp by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet for Brokis follows the centuries-old tradition and experience of master glassmakers. The precision crafting of hand-blown glass instills distinctive, enduring character and outstanding quality. The glass shades are formed from multiple layers of molten glass, each of which is scrutinized by the master glassmaker prior to being blown into the mold. Up to 70% of the resulting quality is achieved in this stage of production. No less attention to detail is paid in handcrafting the wooden elements of the light. Each piece is individually processed by the artisan in a series of strictly observed production stages.


  • Glass colors include
    • Transparent glass: transparent, smoke grey, smoke brown, opaline, amber, cognac, violet, aubergine, olive green, sunset pink
    • Opaline glass: triplex opal
  • Glossy surface
  • Body finishes include
    • European oak: untreated, clear coat, natural waxed, stained black, stained white
    • American walnut: natural waxed
    • High gloss: cheeky raspberry, conservative grey
    • Marble: satinated grigio talami, satinated rossio francia
  • Cable color: black, white, dark grey, light grey, yellow, red
  • Cord length 89.8″
  • Indoor only

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About Brokis

Czech lighting brand Brokis creates bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. The brainchild of Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell, Brokis was founded in 2006 as a platform to elevate Bohemian glassmaking to new heights and preserve generations of knowledge and craftsmanship.

brokis shadows pendant lights in situ

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