Ply Rug

Designed by MUT design for GAN

Made in India

Ply is all about mesmerizing patterns, organic shapes, and enveloping textures. Just like plywood, this set of hand-tufted rugs is built by juxtaposing in the most exquisite way layers of tightly woven loops. Ply will make you fall through the rabbit hole, straight into Wonderland.

  • Three shapes/colorways
  • 100% new wool

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2-14 Weeks
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gan rugs ply rug in situ

Meet MUT

MUT is a Spanish design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón in 2010. MUT develops unconventional, timeless products for a selection of brands. With a rule-free and experimental approach, MUT creates recognizable objects, with remarkable results.

gan rugs ply rug in situ
gan rugs ply rug in situ
gan rugs ply rug in situ
gan rugs ply rug in situ
gan rugs ply rug in situ


Ply Rug by MUT design for GAN is based on a fascinating graphic pattern, thanks to the simplicity of its composition and the great visual impact it produces. On the one hand, a set of lines in semicircles make up a sphere, lengthening its ends at different heights so that they end up generating a circular shape. On the other, a set of parallel lines in raw wool color partially intermingle with those of the sphere, originating an area with a denser pattern.

Hand-tufting is a manual rug-making method in which a special handheld tool shoots and cuts a portion of wool following a pattern over a stretched cotton fabric. This technique offers great freedom in terms of designs, thicknesses, finishes, and colors. With it, GAN makes possible the impossible.


  • Hand-tufted 100% new wool
  • Total height aprox.: 15 mm – 20 mm / 0.59’’ – 0.78”
  • Total weight aprox. : 0.57 lbs/ft2 / 1 lbs/ft2
  • Not reversible

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GAN Rugs is a modern rug and textiles manufacturer with a global reputation for high-quality handmade floor coverings. Over the last three decades, GAN has developed into one of the world’s most exciting rug manufacturers, known for its fresh designs, surprising colorways, and masterful techniques.

gan raw spaces rug, poufs, and pillows in a cozy room

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