Butterfly Dining Chair

Designed by Lucian Ercolani for L.Ercolani

Made in England

Few forms embody the legacy of L.Ercolani as consummately as that of the modest Butterfly Chair—the iconic everyday dining chair designed by Lucian Ercolani. Launched in 1956, the subtle curves and sculptural refinement of the Butterfly dining chair helped transform the chair into a beloved mid-century classic.

A purposeful study in simplicity, the clean form of the Butterfly Chair reflects Ercolani’s signature design ethos and heartfelt commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Ercolani was able to yield the optimal balance between form and function by removing all unnecessary elements from the chair’s construction—creating a timeless furnishing that is equal parts elegant and accommodating.

  • Ash timber with an ash veneer steam-bent ply seat
  • Nine bespoke finishes

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Product Details

l.ercolani butterfly chairs in situ

Imbued with a Sense of Lightness & Purity

Redolent of its winged namesake, the distinctive shape of the Butterfly Chair is imbued with a sense of lightness and purity. The chair’s simple, pared-back form references the intrinsic piety of the Windsor-style furniture that inspired Lucian Ercolani’s early designs.

l.ercolani butterfly chair in situ
l.ercolani butterfly chair in situ
l.ercolani butterfly chair in situ
four l.ercolani butterfly chairs in situ
l.ercolani butterfly chair in situ


Gently rounded to hug the body’s natural contours, the steam-bent curves of the Butterfly dining chair invite users to sit and enjoy a moment of comfort and repose. While its playful silhouette elicits amazement and surprise, the chair’s most extraordinary features lie in its minute details.

The Butterfly chair features the traditional Windsor wedge and tenon joinery, a technique in which the chair’s legs are extended through the seat and secured with a wedge. These joints are then sanded until they lie flush with the seat to create a strong and durable base, built to withstand the demands of daily life.

Offered in ash timber with an ash veneer steam-bent ply seat and back, the Butterfly chair is an attractive and eye-catching accompaniment to the heartening ritual of dining with loved ones. The chair is available in nine statement-making finishes, including a natural finish and the new Modern Tones series by Christian Møller Andersen.


  • Ash timber with an ash veneer steam-bent ply seat

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Guided by a profound appreciation of wood in its most natural form, L.Ercolani is an international design company with a legacy of craftsmanship dating back to 1920. Founded by Italian-born furniture maker Lucian Ercolani, the company rose to prominence in post-war Britain at the height of the mid-century design movement. Today this namesake brand partners with global talents to reinvent and re-interpret its core capabilities.

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