Bart Armchair

Designed by Moooi Design Studio

Made in the Netherlands

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moooi bart armchair in situ
moooi bart armchair in situ


Bart Armchair by Moooi Design Studio brings a friendly sort of grandeur to your home. This single-seater does the rounded shapes of the Bart family even more justice, especially with the optional swivel foot that makes a circular motion. Having a conversation? Swivel your Bart Armchair around and enjoy another point of view! If you prefer a more solid setup, the Bart Armchair is available with slanted wooden legs (canape) and without.


  • Wooden frame covered in foam and Dacron
  • Foam seat
  • Fabric or leather upholstery

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About Moooi

Founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is based in Breda, Netherlands. On the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest, this Dutch furniture and lighting design brand is innovative, provocative, and poetic at the same time.

moooi vignette featuring two perch pendant lights

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