Alps Rug

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Made in Italy

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minotti alps rug in situ
minotti alps rug in situ
minotti alps rug in situ
minotti alps rug in situ


Alps Rug by Minotti is a rug exuding grand elegance, with a soft pile and a highly versatile, eclectic design, Alps conveys intimacy and warmth to any interior.

Handmade — using techniques fully in line with the finest leather crafting methods — Alps is created by assembling pieces of sheepskin until the finished material weighs a hefty 3 kg per sqm. Sourced from New Zealand, the skins are imported, selected, and carefully tanned to meet the highest quality standards.

The pile is extremely durable and strong, yet soft and warm at the same time: its softness enhances its luxurious feel and ultra-comfortable texture. Sheepskin is highly durable, anti-static and sound-absorbing.

Personalized on the back with an elegant jacquard fabric featuring the Minotti logo, it has guaranteed anti-slip properties courtesy of the printed cotton technical fabric with silicone micro-particles arranged along the edges.

It is available dyed in the new Malachite shade, in addition to the nuances already available: Iron, Silver, Moka, and Black. Custom sizing available.


  • 100% New Zealand sheepskin pelts
  •  Non-slip jacquard fabric backing

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