21 Mini Series Adjustable Pendant Light Collection

Designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci

Made in Canada

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large historic interior space featuring multiple bocci 21 series pendant lights

Omer Arbel, Designer

Born in 1976, Omer Arbel is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver. Co-founder of Bocci, his output is broad, including materials research, lighting design, architecture, and site-specific installations. Arbel's designs are numbered in order of creation; some have commercial potential and move into production while others remain conceptual or collectible.

modern restaurant featuring bocci 21m pendant lights
modern bathroom featuring bocci 21m pendant lights
close up of porcelain form of bocci 21 series pendant light
close up of porcelain form of bocci 21 series pendant light
close up of the porcelain form of a bocci 21 series pendant light


21 Mini Series Adjustable Pendant Lights by Omer Arbel for Bocci result from a fabrication process in which thin porcelain sheets are draped over an inverted diffuser made of sandblasted borosilicate glass. The thin porcelain skin is allowed to dress the borosilicate core in whatever form occurs naturally—creating a unique shape in every iteration of the fabrication process. Each glass diffuser houses a low-voltage xenon or LED lamp. A strong contrast occurs between the soft, organically distributed light passing through the white porcelain skin and the crisp light moving through the glass diffuser.

The 21 Mini Series is differentiated by its three diminutive canopy options. 21 Series pendants are designed to cluster in groups, with individual pieces touching each other to create a layered composition in three dimensions.


  • The 21.1m has 3 canopy options, visible in the gallery images.
  • Please note, all of the 21.1m options do not attach directly to a junction box and the transformers must be remote-mounted.
  • Lamps (20-watt xenon or 1.5-watt LED) and power supplies included.

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About Bocci

Bocci is a lighting design and manufacturing company based in Vancouver and Berlin. Founded in 2005 under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel, Bocci represents an approach to lighting that is devoted to the relationship between spaces and objects.

cluster of bocci 38 series copper pendant lights with air plants

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