10th Vieste Outdoor Armchair

Designed by Massimo Castagna for Exteta

Made in Italy

10th Vieste Outdoor Armchair is light and elegant evoking the summer breeze as it caresses the cliffs of Vieste, Italy. This iconic-looking seat features vintage nautical styling reinterpreted with modern technology. Its materials contrast in the most harmonic way highlighting Exteta’s artistry and craftsmanship.

  • Sipo mahogany solid wood in three finishes
  • Over 300 fabric options
  • Over 50 leather options

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exteta 10th vieste armchair in situ

Nautical Style

The Nautical style originates from 19th century England during the reign of Queen Victoria, who dressed her young sons in sailor suits. It emulates the interior of a working, sailing ship.

exteta 10th vieste armchair in situ
exteta 10th vieste armchairs in situ


10th Vieste Outdoor Armchair by Massimo Castagna for Exteta recalls the refined style of nautical design—the edges of the armrests and the structure are delicately rounded and smoothed. The armrests draw inspiration from the design of nautical oars. The lines of the backrest also echo this age-old style, smoothly jointing contrasting elements of the seat.

The needlework details are a precious gift enhancing the craftsmanship look of the seat, a feature that adds a sense of tradition deeply connected to its cultural roots. The stainless steel T-shaped feet enrich the design with a contemporary touch.


  • Sipo Mahogany (Entandrophragma utile) structure
  • Natural oil finish
  • PVC foam back
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Resin polyester and polyethylene internal lining
  • High-tenacity polyester seam
  • Stainless steel feet

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