modern kitchen featuring poliform cabinetry, flexform feel good counter stools, and an apparatus pendant

Block 106 in Bozeman, Montana


Welcome to Block 106, Studio Como’s interpretation of alpine modern style in Montana.

We have a don’t-be-shy policy at Studio Como. When design clients walk into one of our showrooms, we encourage them to get acquainted with the range of European furnishings and wall systems we offer by making themselves at home: Open the cabinets. Touch the hardware. Feel the textures of different materials. Lounge on the sofas. Get a close look at the colorways and woodgrains.

We decided to take this approach one step further with Unit 204 at Block 106, a private apartment in downtown Bozeman that acts as our first “living” showroom. Thoughtfully designed and curated by the Studio Como team, the 1,200-square-foot apartment is furnished floor to ceiling with pieces from lines we carry—right down to the dishes in the kitchen cupboards. Our clientele can spend an hour, a night, or even a weekend at Block 106 to get a first-hand experience not only of how our collections feel but also how they live.

modern living room featuring a flexform a.b.c. armchair and a flexform groundpiece sofa

Though the historic ranching town of Bozeman is now a thriving city that’s home to world-class restaurants, the exclusive Yellowstone Club, and Big Sky Ski Resort, it still exudes a classic Western charm. Block 106 was created to juxtapose Montana’s casual, rustic landscape with modern, forward-thinking design. This mountain-meets-modern ethos is at the heart of every room: In the kitchen, Poliform cabinetry with subtle wood grain and recessed, user-friendly pulls creates a streamlined look, while Flexform Feel Good counter stools in a rich cognac-colored leather provide the perfect perch to take in picturesque views of the rugged Bridger Mountains.

The living room’s cozy Groundpiece sofa by Flexform supplies space to curl up after a long day on the slopes, and the customizable Poliform wall system puts a variety of books and tchotchkes on display. B&B Italia’s Husk bed in the master bedroom features a curved headboard in a soft tufted flannel that offers a warm embrace on chilly mountain nights. And light fixtures throughout—from Bocci’s dangling blown-glass bulbs in the stairway to the kitchen’s two-toned Apparatus Trapeze pendant to the funky creature-like bedside lamp in the master—act as the jewelry of the apartment and add a spark of ingenuity.

modern bedroom featuring a b&b italia husk bed
modern industrial bathroom in bozeman montana
modern bedroom featuring a poliform mad chair in blue velvet
modern kitchen in bozeman montana featuring poliform cabinetry and flexform feel good counter stools
modern poliform closet
modern entry way featuring a de la espada low settle bench

At every turn, postcard-worthy vistas from aptly placed picture windows and an interior palette of earth tones and luxurious natural materials connect guests to their alpine surroundings. And eventually, in a post-Covid world, we can’t wait to invite you to come to see (and feel) for yourself—the new outpost will also be a gathering space for events, terrace parties, and cooking demonstrations. As Brad Fentress, our President, so elegantly put it, “Who doesn’t want to stop by (or even better, stay at) a showroom that lets you enjoy a glass of wine on a patio overlooking the Bridgers?”

modern bedroom in bozeman montanta featuring a b&b italia piccolo papilio armchair and two e15 backenzahn stools

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