green b&b italia camaleonda sofa on a white background

Camaleonda Sofa: Contemporary Classic Transcends Decades as a Design Icon


With the reissue of his 1970s Camaleonda Sofa, designer Mario Bellini has dutifully preserved the elements of this contemporary classic and brought it back to the design world with elegance.

Making a comeback after 50 years, Camaleonda transcends five decades as a design icon. Designer Mario Bellini’s work is characterized by bringing together design and architecture. By utilizing the original cutting patterns, Bellini and B&B Italia were able to maintain the 90×90 cm seat module found in the original while adding extra comfort to the contemporary classic with new padding courtesy of the B&B Italia’s Research and Development Centre. This sofa acts as an architectural element involving variation and transformation.

blue b&b italia camaleonda sofa on a white background

The modularity found in this design is due to the generous padding that supports the original capitonne design system of cables, hooks, and rings created by Bellini in 1970. This piece is nothing short of dynamic and innovative, capable of evolving to the needs of those using it due to the tie rods and rings that allow the modules to be unhooked and recombined. 

With unlimited modularity this sofa will become a defining piece in your home environment. Designer Mario Bellini affirmed, “Of all the objects I have designed, Camaleonda is perhaps the best in terms of its sense of freedom, there are an infinite number of possible configurations.”

Bellini has mastered the balance of geometry and elasticity, and his approach to space and luxury is untouched.

burgundy b&b italia camaleonda sofa on a white backgroun

Next to its welcoming roundness and elasticity, the Camaleonda can be covered with B&B Italia’s entire textile and leather collection. The padding was updated by B&B Italia’s research and development center to transform this classic into a sustainable product while the original elements like conception, dimensions, and proportions remain the same.

Dynamic and unique, this piece is both alive and sincere with extraordinary longevity in the design world. Studio Como is happy to announce that this revolutionary piece can be found here and in our Denver showroom.

cognac leather b&b italia camaleonda sofa on a white background
hardware on a b&b italia camaleonda sofa
back side of a b&b italia camaleonda sofa
detail of a b&b italia camaleonda sofa

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