modern living room featuring a minotti daniels sofa

Where Curvature Meets Linear: The Modular Minotti Daniels Sofa


The Daniels seating system has redesigned classic living areas and interrupted what the design world considers curvature.

With brand new compositions, this arrangement has dynamic energy promoting a strong visual impact and a sense of continuity. Where curvature meets linear composition, this seating system promotes both maximum comfort and untouched modularity. With a seamless combination of soft curves and stark geometric shapes, the Daniels Sofa is both versatile and harmonious. 

modern living room featuring a minotti daniels sofa

This sofa is defined by one large cushion complete with a series of larger chaise lounge pieces. This vast system exposes continuous motion in a living space with the use of two different depths that create an overlapping effect with the backrests. The combination of the different depths produces movement accentuating motion and curvature to a room.

This seamless system also offers an alternative to the standard fixed armrests including a removable ottoman crafted in leather or fabric, on wheels. Regarded as both modular and versatile, the unexpected structural details of the Daniels plays into its dynamic, contemporary rhythm.

regular curves and ellipses interrupt the linearity of the layouts

bird's eye view of the corner of a minotti daniels sofa

Like all Minotti sofas, the Minotti Daniels is created and designed to complement the Minotti Collections for corporate hospitality or residential design and is available in three versions: All-fabric, all-leather, and a combined option with base and armrest in leather and cushion in fabric. All leathers and fabrics are derived from the exclusive Minotti textile collection.

With its redefined curves, the Daniels seating system has taken the design world by storm. Experience this state-of-the-art seating system online or in our Denver showroom.

bird's eye view of a minotti daniels sofa arrangement
sketch of a curved minotti daniels sofa
bird's eye view of a curved minotti daniels sofa

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