Two-Seater Low Settle

Designed by StudioIsle for De La Espada

Made in Portugal

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de la espada low settle in situ

A Bench with Add-Ons

A settle is a long wooden bench with a high backrest, often with storage underneath, used for seating and storage. It originated in medieval times as a type of chair and evolved into a bench with storage in the 17th century. Settles were commonly used in homes and public spaces such as taverns and churches.

de la espada low settle in situ
de la espada low settle in situ


Low Settle by Studioilse for De La Espada is part of the Seating for Eating collective consisting of settles, benches, and stools. In part inspired by archetypal English vernacular furniture, which in its time was a practical stripped-back solution to a social need, the designs are carefully detailed and reassuringly familiar. Furniture that you can sit on together, but that still leaves room for the individual.


  • Sustainable solid wood available in black walnut, white oak, or ash in a range of finishes
  • Copper feet
  • Optional seat pad sold separately

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About De La Espada

Founded in 1993 and based in Northern Portugal, De La Espada is industrial design with a warm heart, where luxury is expressed through tactile materials and obsessive detailing. De La Espada has a strong belief in the power of design to transform people’s lives, and their products are created with this in mind—the human being is at the center of everything the brand does.

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