Trapeze 4 Pendant Light

Designed by Gabriel Hendifar for Apparatus

Made in United States

Drop lengths between 16 and 60 inches are available.

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Trapeze 4 Pendant

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apparatus trapeze 10 pendant light in situ


Captivating all audiences, the Trapeze 4 Pendant evokes the artistry, whimsy, and superhuman strength of circus aerialists.

close up of apparatus trapeze pendant light
close up of apparatus trapeze pendant light
apparatus trapeze 2 pendant light
apparatus trapeze 3 pendant light in situ
apparatus trapeze 3 pendant light on a black background


Trapeze 4 Pendant Light by Gabriel Hendifar for Apparatus is inspired by the tension and dynamics of the circus act. This series of pendants and chandeliers cantilevers glowing bowls in movable formations on the ceiling or wall, creating a soft illumination and graphic silhouette. Available with either brass or hand-cast porcelain bowls.


  • Molecular geometry
  • Captured states of motion


  • Brass or hand-cast porcelain bowls
  • Brass armature

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About Apparatus

Founded in 2012, Apparatus creates bespoke furnishings and lighting that revolt against the corporatization of design. The company’s distinctive catalog is created with sensual materials like marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer, and porcelain combined with patinated brass. Embracing a tradition of studio craftsmanship, each piece is hand-finished and assembled in New York.

apparatus lariat pendant light in room with two arched doors

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