modern living room featuring a cassina sengu sofa

Patricia Urquiola’s Poetic Sengu Sofa for Cassina


Notably coined an Italian sweetheart, designer and architect Patricia Urquiola has dazzled the design world with her poetic approach to furniture yet again.

Born in Oviedo, Spain, Urquiola has been a longtime resident of Milan, pioneering European modern designs from her studio, Studio Urquiola. Urquiola is highly regarded for her simple, yet functional combinations and the Sengu Sofa is no exception. We are thrilled to announce the addition of this highly sought after piece in our Studio Como showroom.

Produced in 2020, the Sengu Sofa is the delicate balance of soft and luxury. Sengu is the Japanese word used to describe the ancient tradition of cyclic reconstruction of the temples of Japan. Japan is known to cultivate creative expression in designers and this piece stands out in the design world for its unconventional compositions and use of natural materials. 

modern living room featuring a cassina sengu sofa
modern living room featuring a cassina sengu sofa
modern living room featuring a cassina sengu sofa

This piece is a powerful reflection of both past and present, marrying unexpected combinations of simple lines, natural materials, muted hues, and substantial padding. With generous dimensions and a fine design, the sofa’s ergonomics are enhanced by the soft folds of the back and armrests. With simple geometrics and open shapes, this piece articulates both comfort and luxury. 

cassina sengu sofa in situ

With a substantial amount of external quilting, this piece is composed of 100% recycled fiber made from PET that has been incorporated into the padding of the cushions. The subtle balance of the padding softens the composition of a belted steel frame and compliments the elegantly finished wooden beams.

The Sengu sofa is a novelty and designer Patricia Urquiola has mastered the understanding of composition by creating a piece that is pragmatic yet playful. Experience this piece today in the Studio Como Denver showroom.

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