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Blurring Boundaries: Exteta Hybrid Living


Tradition and evolution overlap in the work of Exteta. Founded in 2006 within the cultural region of Brianza, Exteta embodies the Made in Italy ethos that marries fine craft and technological innovation. Purposefully blurring the boundaries—between old and new, indoor and outdoor—has become the company’s defining approach. In 2020 they announced their new design philosophy: hybridity.

It’s the versatile, flexible, as-yet-to-be-imagined spaces that Exteta seeks to furnish, and it’s their commitment to do so that sets them apart. In making artisanal products that can “freely move” between interior and exteriority, the company says they’ve “abandoned any kind of unified path”—and they’re working with the highest-caliber Italian designers, architects, and artists to forge a new one. Among the illustrious roster of Exteta designers is Massimo Castagna, Paola Navone, Gae Aulenti, Franco Albini, and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

The hybridity of Exteta’s modern outdoor furniture is a perfect match for the Rocky Mountains, where outdoor living spaces can be pleasantly dwelled in for much of the year. They describe their creative process as “caring for the single element while envisioning the full picture.” With pieces offered in multiple wood, leather, stone, and metal finishes and over 300 fabrics, their collections are fully customizable to meet customers’ needs and desires. “Our goal,” they explain, “is to walk away from the standardization that turns everything into a copy of a copy.”

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On the Studio Como showroom floor you’ll see numerous Exteta pieces by the esteemed architect Massimo Castagna. Castagna, who opened his still-operational studio AD Architecture in 1986, has a distinct architectural expression that can be seen in such projects as the “Pyramid” laboratory designed for the National Council of Research and installed on Mount Everest at over 16,000 feet.

Down below the clouds, Castagna exercises his refined spatial awareness in furniture design, serving as artistic director for some of the biggest brands in the interior design sector, and having made significant contributions to the Exteta catalog, like the 10th Joint Dining and Coffee Tables, Elba Sofa, Montecarlo Lounge, and the Levante and Vieste Armchairs.

exteta montecarlo lounge and zen xl in situ

Inspired by tree branches and fine Italian cabinet-making, Castagna’s Levante Armchair is made of hand-carved mahogany and genuine leather. Simultaneously lightweight and sturdy, the Levante Armchair is exemplary of the kind of refined material finishing Exteta has developed to perform beautifully in outdoor living spaces. The Levante T Pouf offers a contrasting approach to mass, with a substantial, curvy base supported by a T-shaped backrest.

The delicate and grounded are brought together in Castagna’s 10th Joint Outdoor Coffee Table made of Sapelli mahogany, solid indigo wood, and burnished brass hardware. The table commands a presence, drawing the eye into its natural grain and rippled profile. Hybridity is pleasantly expressed in the confluence of irregular and symmetrical gestures and natural and modern forms.

“We want to show that all our products take a step forward,” Exteta shares. “They are meant to be limitless, to be timeless.” Studio Como is proud to be stepping forward with them, and now offers the full Exteta catalog with select pieces on view in our flagship Denver showroom and online.

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