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Designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia

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b&b italia noonu sofa
b&b italia noonu sofa
b&b italia noonu sofa sectional
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Noonu Sofa by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia is an upholstery system in which large sizes meet impressive flexibility. The supporting structure disappears from view, creating “islands” which appear to almost float in mid-air. The seats themselves are deep, with a single, large seat cushion that guarantees extreme comfort, while also characterizing the overall aesthetic. The tilted back is designed to accommodate cushions, which can be distributed however you wish.

The design is made even more intriguing by a support element that can be arranged in any manner of positions: a roller cushion bound by sophisticated webbing to a die-cast aluminum frame, which sits beneath the seat cushion. This allows you to use it freely as a terminal armrest or as a headrest, placed between the seats or removed entirely, depending on how the sofa is being used.

Noonu features new suspended seating, which extends all the way to the floor, as well as new “piano” and “sail” elements, lending a certain identity and richness to the design. The sofa is comprised of four elements in total: square, rectangle, piano, and sail. The piano-shaped base creates a welcoming curve in the backrest, while the sail provides a generous, rounded volume at the front. Antonio Citterio has designed them to be “natural chaises lounges”, bold evolutions of the peninsula module, new organic forms conceived with total relaxation in mind, just like the special pockets of nature that Noonu is named after.

Each component in the Noonu collection has, at its base, a metal profile made from curved, pre-shaped aluminum that runs along the entire perimeter of the frame and comes in a selection of different finishes.


  • Tubular steel and steel profiles internal frame
  • Bayfit® flexible cold-shaped polyurethane foam internal frame upholstery with a polyester fiber cover
  • Shaped polyurethane seat cushion of different density, polyester fiber, cotton cover
  • Polyester fiber back cushion with cotton cover
  • Sterilized down armrest cushion with visco-elastic polyurethane
  • Shaped polyurethane roller with a polyester fiber cover
    • Die-cast aluminum and leather roller support
    • Fabric or leather roller webbing
  • Die-cast aluminum lower edge
  • Plastic ferrules
  • Fabric or leather cover

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