Mark 2 PolySilk Rug

Designed by Kymo Design Team

Made in Germany

Totally grungy, yet oh so stylish! Only two can pull that off: the Rolling Stones and Kymo Mark 2 Floorwear®. The Mark 2 PolySilk carpet gets its unique look and feel from the contrast between fine kSILK yarn and an uncompromisingly thorough vintage treatment. Mark 2 PolySilk Rug—a true statement of rock.

  • Handwoven polyester
  • 22 standard colors, 5 standard sizes
  • Custom colors, shapes, and sizes available

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12-16 Weeks
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Product Details

kymo mark 2 polysilk rug


Mark 2 PolySilk Rug by German rugmaker Kymo adds a touch of rock & roll to any space. Offered in 22 standard colors, five sizes, and two shapes. Custom colors, sizes, and shapes are available on request.


  • Handwoven polyester
  • 0,6 cm pile length
  • 1,2 cm height
  • 3,9 kg overall weight per sqm
  • Custom colors on request
  • Custom shapes available
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Durability for medium usage
  • Sound absorbing rated high
  • Anti-static


  • Standard sizes: 170×240 cm | 200×200 cm | 200×300 cm | 250×350 cm | 300×400 cm
  • Custom sizes available
  • Max. size: 450 x 1000 cm

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About Kymo

Rugmaker Kymo revolves around the will to create something good and different, whether it be unusual, interesting, or simply beautiful. Founded in 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany, this premium quality designer floorwear brand is committed to excellence and innovative design.

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