Atacama 3 Rug

Designed by Design Cassina

Made in Italy

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Atacama 3

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cassina atacama 3 rug in situ


Atacama 3 Rug by Design Cassina is a series of rugs made in viscose, a semi-synthetic and highly versatile fiber obtained from cellulose. The rugs have a shiny, smooth, and soft appearance, like silk. The viscose brings out the surface details, absorbs and reflects the light; the shades of color are enhanced by variations and nuances, with a luminescent effect.


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About Cassina

With the instinct to foretell today what will become a classic tomorrow, Cassina has been designing the future of interiors for over 90 years. Founded by brothers Cesare and Umberto Cassina in 1927, the company is credited with launching industrial design in post-war Italy.

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