Spring Outdoor Furniture Sale – Up to 25% off 1920 1048 Studio Como

Spring Outdoor Furniture Sale – Up to 25% off

Summer is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about enjoying time outside in the Rockies. We have a large selection of outdoor furniture options on display at our showroom and are offering up to 25% off on all outdoor furniture orders placed before the end of April. Many great pieces are in stock in the…

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Paris 2020 1512 2016 Leah Digennaro

Paris 2020

“We go to Paris every year” This is a statement I decided just needed to be true.  So, this past January, I embarked on our annual journey to the City of Lights with my dear friend, and curator of the Denver Art Museum, Darrin Alfred.  To make things even better, one of my besties of forever, Shannon Tompkins decided to join the…

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Studio Como + Contract = Heart 984 635 Studio Como

Studio Como + Contract = Heart

We are excited to use the Neocant show at Elements on August 22nd to announce our official launch into the contract market. We are even more excited to be represented by Tye Hindle of Design Theory. Tye shares our passion for good design and we are excited to partner with both Tye and the local A&D community to help create…

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Japan Part 1: Tokyo 1500 1235 Leah Digennaro

Japan Part 1: Tokyo

We started our journey in Tokyo – knowing that it was going to be high energy and that we’d want to wind down as our days progressed.Stay Hotel Koe This is where we spent our first four nights.  It was a great spot for the beginning of the trip as the location is right in Shibuya, with tons of things…

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Japan: Prelude 1500 1432 Leah Digennaro

Japan: Prelude

I hit the 40 year milestone this year, and to celebrate, I took an epic trip to Japan with my partner Mack, and two of our dearest friends.  The two weeks we spent exploring were some of the most incredible of my life.  Instagram posts and small anecdotes won’t ever come close to capturing the whole experience, but I hope…

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The Hyland Mather art installation at Studio Como 1000 1333 Studio Como

The Hyland Mather art installation at Studio Como

The Lost Object This installation is created by Amsterdam based artist Hyland Mather as part of his ongoing ‘lost objects’ project. Created entirely from discarded materials gathered in the Rino district of Denver, this install is in keeping with his method of arriving at a site with no set plan. ‘I never know what I’ll find, but I’m always confident I’ll…

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The Richard By B&B Italia 1000 567 Studio Como

The Richard By B&B Italia

Beautiful Inspiration from Antonio Citterio and B&B Italia. Learn more about the Richard collection here. 

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Link Porcelain | Apparatus 844 842 Studio Como

Link Porcelain | Apparatus

LINK PORCELAIN BY APPARATUS  Created in collaboration with ceramicist Alice Goldsmith, the link porcelain pendant examines both the strength and vulnerability of the artist’s porcelain chain. Fractured links suspend oversized brass shades, their fragility anchored and protected by the oppositional metal.

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