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Paris 2020

Paris 2020 1512 2016 Leah Digennaro

“We go to Paris every year” This is a statement I decided just needed to be true.  So, this past January, I embarked on our annual journey to the City of Lights…

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Japan Part 1: Tokyo

Japan Part 1: Tokyo 1500 1235 Leah Digennaro

We started our journey in Tokyo – knowing that it was going to be high energy and that we’d want to wind down as our days progressed.Stay Hotel Koe This…

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Japan: Prelude

Japan: Prelude 1500 1432 Leah Digennaro

I hit the 40 year milestone this year, and to celebrate, I took an epic trip to Japan with my partner Mack, and two of our dearest friends.  The two…

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